1 in 3 Mini Hatch will be electric in 2021

Zero-emission Mini Electric production has already topped the 11,000 mark, the firm has revealed – with more than 3,000 orders placed by UK buyers alone.

Revealing the figures ahead of the Oxford factory’s summer shutdown, Mini says demand for the electric model is growing and UK director David George expects 2021 to be particularly strong.

He predicted that, next year, 1 in 3 Mini Hatch three-doors rolling off the line will be the pure EV Mini Electric.

Recently, we reported experts predict 2 in 3 new cars sold in the UK could be electric by 2030: Mini’s switch to electric might be even faster.

The model joins the electrified Mini Countryman Plug-in Hybrid: here in the UK, 1 in 4 Mini Countryman orders is for the PHEV version.

Mini Electric at Plant Oxford

Cleverly, Mini has integrated the pure electric version into the standard production line for Mini Hatch models.

This allows the firm to easily juggle production depending on demand – and step up the build rate of the Mini Electric as buyers switch to the 100 percent zero emissions version.

“As the home of the brand, it gives us huge satisfaction to build the first fully-electric car in the Mini product line-up here in Oxford, for global export,” said the plant’s MD Peter Weber.

The Mini Electric is priced from £24,900 including the government’s Plug-in Car Grant.

Come back soon for a review of the Mini Electric on MotoringElectric.


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