2 in 3 new UK cars sold could be electric by 2030

Electric car sales are set to grow almost 40 percent faster than previously forecast and account for one in three new cars sold worldwide by 2030, new research suggests.

And the UK could go even further, reaching almost 2 in 3 new electric cars sold, with the right investment and development.

Globally, over 31 million new electric and electrified cars will be sold in 2030, suggests the research – that’s 10 million more than forecast previously.

Pure electric cars will account for the vast majority, comprising 81 percent of all EV sales, far exceeding plug-in hybrids.

Dacia Spring Electric Concept front quarter with charging cable

Deloitte, which carried out the research, says it is all down to changing customer sentiment.

“As the cost of EVs has converged with petrol and diesel equivalents, the pool of prospective buyers is set to increase,” said Deloitte’s head of electric vehicles Jamie Hamilton.

A combination of more new electric vehicles and a wider choice of secondhand models is helping EVs become much more viable for many.

However, warned Mr Hamilton, “overcoming consumer concerns around driving range and perceived lack of charging infrastructure will be important factors as more drivers consider the practicality of switching to electric”.

UK charge to electric?

In the UK, Deloitte researchers found 50 percent of consumers would consider an EV as their next car.

However, one in three cited a lack of charging infrastructure as their biggest concern.

If the UK continues investing in charging facilities to overcome such concerns, Britain could actually surpass the one in three global market share by 2030.

Mr Hamilton said EVs could, with the right investment and development, reach a market share as high as 65 percent.


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