Company car drivers ‘pivotal’ in electric car uptake

Audi e-tron Sportback

Company car drivers will help put 3 in 4 fully-electric cars on UK roads by 2025, dramatically increasing the UK’s uptake of 100% zero emissions vehicles.

The sector’s trade body, the BVRLA, has made this an official goal with a new Plug in Pledge to put 900,000 battery electric vehicles on the road within the next five years.

By 2025, this will see company car drivers taking delivery of 400,000 new electric cars and vans a year – that’s equal to 80 percent of the market.

In response to the pledge, transport secretary Grant Shapps praised the organisation’s members.  

“BVRLA members are fundamental to the transition to greener road transport,” he said.

Company car drivers currently pay zero Benefit in Kind tax on electric vehicles, although only 1 in 4 actually know about this huge saving.

“Our latest pledge demonstrates that the fleet sector has its foot on the pedal,” said BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney.

“The destiny of road transport decarbonisation lies in its hands, but it will be shaped by the crucial factors of EV supply, demand and infrastructure.”

The BVLRA has also updated its ‘Road to Zero Report Card’, which gives a traffic light assessment of the UK’s road transport decarbonisation targets.

This year, the UK scores amber for ‘accelerating’: progress has been made since 2019 and “the EV market is approaching parity with that for petrol and diesel vehicles in some respects.

“Our latest report shows a gathering momentum, but also points to some key fleet market segments where action is needed,” added Mr Keaney.


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