McDonald’s to install electric car rapid chargers at all new Drive-Thru

McDonald’s has committed to install electric vehicle rapid charging points at all new Drive-Thru restaurants.

The company says it wants to create a new nationwide charging network.

McDonald’s is partnering with InstaVolt and is installing the firm’s 125kW rapid chargers. These will deliver an 80 percent charge in less than 20 minutes, it says.

It is the first time a major UK restaurant chain has vowed to create an accessible new network of rapid charging bays.

McDonald's InstaVolt rapid charger

Paul Pomroy, CEO of McDonald’s UK and Ireland, said: “This partnership and ambition takes advantage of our scale, and is a real step forward for those already driving electric vehicles, as well as people considering making the switch. 

“With over 1,300 restaurants, our ambition would mean you would never be far from a charging point.”

Mr Pomroy said McDonald’s aim is to “have more EV charging points on our premises than any other company in the UK and Ireland”.

McDonald's InstaVolt rapid charger

The partnership has been praised by the government, with transport minister Rachael Maclean calling the partnership “exciting… [and] essential as we strive to change people’s perceptions of electric vehicles.

“We want to make clean vehicles the new normal by installing rapid chargepoints in busy, popular public spaces.”

McDonald’s already offers every employee eligible for a company car an EV or hybrid option.

The firm says it will now strengthen that policy and prioritise making EVs available to everyone eligible.


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