Mercedes-Benz EQ Ready App finds out if an EV is for you

Mercedes-Benz has improved and updated its EQ Ready App which claims to help show motorists if an electric car would fit easily into their everyday life.

The app, which has been downloaded 1.6 million times, now includes a seven-day challenge, which analyses motorists’ daily driving for a week.

At the end of the week, it reveals whether the user is ready to move into a pure electric vehicle (or a plug-in hybrid).

Impressively, the app can also calculate routes and indicate how much energy an electric car would consume along them.

It also indicates charging options along the route.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Power App functions

If a user could reach their destination on pure electric drive, this is indicated. If they can’t, it shows charging times for the different chargepoints along the route.

“Electric cars,” said Mercedes-Benz digital and IT vice president Sabine Scheunert, “are much more suitable for everyday use than most people think.

“With the new EQ Ready App, the user… can find out how well developed the charging infrastructure already is in numerous markets.

“This makes the app the initial but key step towards the electric mobility turnaround for its users.”

Using anonymised data from the app, Mercedes-Benz discovered that 90 percent of all journeys from users are shorter than 31 miles, and 96 percent are shorter than 62 miles.

The Mercedes-Benz EQC, the firm’s only pure electric car on sale (for now), has a range of 259 miles – meaning 96 percent of people would be able to go more than four days before needing to recharge.


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