All Polestar 2 come with free Plugsurfing RFID tag

Every new Polestar 2 electric car will be sold with a free Plugsurfing RFID tag which will allow owners to use multiple electric charging networks through one account.

Instead of requiring multiple unique apps and accounts, they can all be added to a single registered Plugsurfing account.

Owners simply touch the Polestar Plugsurfing RFID on the electric car unit to begin charging.  

The free Polestar-branded white keyring tag will be supplied with every new Polestar 2.

Polestar 2 charging at Polestar HQ

Bosses say the service will be particularly useful for those travelling abroad. Foreign bank accounts and overseas mobile phone numbers sometimes make it hard for owners to charge in another country. The Plugsurfing solution resolves this.

“This international European partnership with Plugsurfing is the first of these solutions and it paves the way for more partnerships which will also include national and local solutions,” said Polestar CEO, Thomas Ingenlath.

Plugsurfing claims to have nearly 200,000 compatible EV charging points across Europe.

Polestar adds the Google Maps navigation system integrated into the Polestar 2 is already optimised for electric car owners.

Retailers will also take owners through any country-specific steps on how to use the Plugsurfing RFID tag when delivering the vehicle.

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