Kia electric cars: FAQ

Kia sells two of the most impressive electric family cars in the UK, with the Soul EV and e-Niro both offering a compelling blend of practicality, affordability, equipment and driving range.

Here is a broad overview of what you need to know about buying an electric Kia in 2020. This page will be updated regularly.

Buying an electric Kia

What fully electric cars does Kia sell?

Hyundai sells two fully electric cars in the UK: the Soul EV and the e-Niro.

Which Kia electric cars are coming soon?

Kia unveiled the ‘Imagine by Kia’ at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. It previews a four-door electric crossover that is likely to feature an 800-volt charging system, 300 miles of range and a charging time of just 20 minutes.

What is Kia’s electric car brand called?

Kia doesn’t have an electric car brand.

Kia e-Niro

What is the warranty on a Kia electric car battery?

The electric car battery is covered for seven years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This matches the standard Kia seven-year warranty.

Are Kia electric cars eligible for the government Plug-in Car Grant?

Yes, all Kia electric cars qualify for the £3,000 government Plug-in Car Grant.

Where can you buy an Kia electric car?

You can buy a new Kia electric car from your nearest Kia dealer. 

How much do Kia electric cars cost?

The Kia Soul EV ‘First Edition’ costs around £34,500 after the Plug-In Car Grant is deducted, while the e-Niro costs £35,000 after the grant.

Charging an electric Kia

Kia e-Niro charging

What type of plug do Kia EVs use?

Both the Kia Soul EV and e-Niro use a CCS (Combined Charging System) connector for combined slow, fast and rapid charging.

What charging equipment comes as standard with a Kia electric car?

The Kia Soul EV and e-Niro come with a Type 2 charging cable as standard.

Can Kia electric cars use rapid chargers?

Yes, Kia electric cars can use rapid chargers.

Can Kia electric cars use Ionity chargers?

Yes, Kia electric cars can use the Ionity ultra-rapid charging network.

Where is the charging point located on a Kia electric car?

The charging points on the Kia Soul EV and e-Niro are located under a flap on the front of the cars. 

Which charge partner does Kia work with?

In the UK, Pod Point is Kia’s preferred partner for domestic charging points. Kia has also invested in the rapid charge company Ionity. From 2021, Kia electric cars will be equipped with 800-volt charging systems to accommodate Ionity’s maximum charging power of 350kW.

Kia has partnered with BP Chargemaster for public charging.

What is Kia’s wallbox called?

There isn’t a name for the Kia wallbox.

What wallbox options does Kia offer?

The company recommends installing a Pod Point home charging unit. A 7kW wallbox is available to Kia customers for £300 after the government’s home charger grant.

Do you get a free wallbox when you buy a new Kia electric car?

No, the Pod Point home charging unit costs extra.

What is the Kia Charging Service?

Kia doesn’t operate a proprietary charging service.

Do Kia electric cars have an on-board DC charger?

The Kia Soul EV and e-Niro are fitted with a 7.2kW on-board charger for Type 2 AC and DC charging.

What is the maximum charging speed of a Kia electric car?

Kia Soul EV: using a 100kW DC charger, it will take 42 minutes to recharge the battery from 20 to 80 percent.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric: using a 100kW DC charger, it will take 54 minutes to charge the battery to 80 percent. It will take 75 minutes using a 50kW DC charger.

Driving an electric Kia

Kia Soul EV

What is the range of a Kia electric car?

Kia Soul EV: up to 280 miles.

Kia e-Niro: up to 282 miles.

What is the Kia electric car smartphone app called?

The latest 2020 Soul EV will be the first Kia in Europe to offer the UVO Connect telematics system.

How many Kia dealers are there and do they offer free charging for owners?

There are 188 Kia dealers in the UK.

Does Kia sat nav show charging point locations and availability?

For the Soul EV, the UVO Connect system provides vehicle charging information, including charging point locations, charger availability and connection compatibility.

Link: Kia electric cars.

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