MG electric cars: FAQ

The MG ZS EV is one of the most impressive electric cars you can buy. It offers a realistic range, a generous level of equipment and an affordable price.

This is a broad overview of what you need to know about buying an electric MG in 2020. This page will be updated regularly.

Buying an electric MG

What fully electric cars does MG sell?

Right now, the ZS EV is the only electric car sold by MG.

Which MG electric cars are coming soon?

The MG 5 electric estate car is likely to go on sale in 2020. It will be a rebadged version of the Chinese market Roewe Ei5, which offers a range of 261 miles. The MG 5 could be followed by a production version of the MG E-Motion concept car. 

What is the MG electric car brand called?

There isn’t a brand name as such. MG’s electric cars are labelled ‘EV’.


What is the warranty on a MG electric car battery?

The battery is covered by the standard seven-year, 80,000-mile warranty.

Are MG electric cars eligible for the government Plug-in Car Grant?

Yes, the MG ZS EV qualifies for the £3,000 government Plug-in Car Grant.

Where can you buy an MG electric car?

You can buy a new MG electric car from your nearest MG dealer. 

How much do MG electric cars cost?

The MG ZS EV Excite costs £25,500 after the Plug-in Car Grant is deducted. The ZS EV Exclusive costs £28,000 after the grant.

Charging an electric MG

MG ZS EV charging

What type of plug do MG EVs use?

The MG ZS EV features Type 2 and CCS sockets.

What charging equipment comes as standard with a MG electric car?

The MG ZS EV comes with a 13A home charger with a domestic plug. 

Can MG electric cars use rapid chargers?

Yes, the MG ZS EV can use rapid chargers.

Can MG electric cars use Ionity chargers?

Yes, the MG ZS EV can use the Ionity ultra-rapid charging network.

Where is the charging point located on an MG electric car?

The charging point on the MG ZS EV is located behind the badge on the front grille. The central position provides easy access from either side of the car.

Which charge partner does MG work with?

In 2019, Pod Point announced a three-year preferred supplier deal with MG. 

What is the MG wallbox called?

MG doesn’t offer a wallbox.

What wallbox options does MG offer?

Although the situation could change following the deal with Pod Point, MG recommends the Rolec 32A 72kW Type 2 home charging unit

Do you get a free wallbox when you buy a new MG electric car?

No, the wallbox costs extra.

What is the MG Charging Service?

MG doesn’t operate a proprietary charging service.

Do MG electric cars have an on-board DC charger?

The MG ZS EV comes with a 7kW on-board charger for Type 2 AC charging, as well as 50kW DC capability.

What is the maximum charging speed of a MG electric car?

The ZS EV can charge to 80 percent in just 40 minutes when using a 50kW charging point.

Driving an electric MG

MG ZS EV driving

What is the range of a MG electric car?

The MG ZS EV can provide up to 163 miles of electric range.

What is the MG electric car smartphone app called?

There isn’t a smartphone app for the MG ZS EV.

How many MG dealers are there and do they offer free charging for owners?

There are 108 MG dealers in the UK.

Does MG sat nav show charging point locations and availability?

The sat nav in the ZS EV shows charging station locations, but MG says regular online updates are required to keep it accurate. The company also recommends downloading a third party app for live status information and availability.

Link: MG electric cars FAQ.

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